Friday, August 19, 2011

Fab Deal

Anyone who knows me....and knows me well knows that I am not one to go hunting for a deal and if I am presented with one I am not digging for it in a box or racks. Hence why I never shop Express's 'shop the box sale' or go into Forever 21. Now this doesn't mean I don't own Forever 21 pieces- there are certain stores that are very well kept and I can keep my sanity and shop.
  So the other night the hubs & I went to Von Maur (if you're not familiar with this store it's very simliar to a Nordstrom) to look for stuff for our upcoming vacation (Vegas Baby!!) and I wandered into the fitness section to just see what they had. Of course I found these amazing fitted capri's by Under Armor.
They weren't on sale but they looked so good on me and I have to admit they made my butt look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! And my hubs loves my butt and I'm not going to lie they totally look like something Kim K would wear and we all know my secret obsession with her. So as I was still wandering in the fitness section I did wander to the sale rack and normally I don't find anything because usu sally what gets on sale is the XS or XXL and I'm not either of those sizes. But in between those sizes check out this steal I found ...
Did I need it? Nope not at all- I have so many zip ups but for $16 I couldn't pass it up. So I snatched it up faster than you can say Gotcha. Plus, I was able to justify this purchase because when I'm not in my oh so fashionable penguin work outfit I am in work out clothes because I'm always working out. My friends think I'm nuts because on a day off I have no problem doing a boot camp, 30 mile bike ride, and a Crossfit class. But with these new additions to my work out wardrobe I will be sweating in style!

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