Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Every girl remembers the first piece of Tiffany jewelry they received and who it was from. Mine for example was when I turned 16 and I got it from my mother because a brand new car wasn't enough she also threw in the bracelet. Which in hindsight I think she regrets because I think the Tiffany investment over the years has almost cost as much as my new car she bought me (it wasn't a cheap car either). My first piece from Tiffany's was the heat bracelet (original I know).

Then I continued my quest on Tiffany's and added many pieces to my collection. Some from family, ex boyfriends, friends, co-workers, etc. The jewelry marked events in my life- moments that needed celebration. Each piece has a story. Well as I have grown up and matured in the young woman I currently am I feel as though Tiffany's just lagging behind in the creativity department. Lets just be honest people I mean we can only have so many pieces that say, "If Found Please Return to Tiffany & Co." I'm just saying. Plus when it would come to certain events -- my birthday, anniversary, holidays, etc. I would struggle to find something that caught my eye and I would almost have to talk myself into something from there. I believe you should never have to talk yourself into any piece of jewelry. Although the hubby for a fabulous wedding present got me this necklace to mark our two lives joining together.

Cute, no?!? He however quickly learned that Tiffany was the route to go. I will share a little story of our first Christmas as a couple and by couple I mean boyfriend/girlfriend. So I was so excited to to have my first holiday with him and our anniversary was on Dec. 17th so I thought I'd go big and I did. I got him not only a XBOX 360 but also a Playstation 3 with games, and clothes, and some other stuff. I couldn't be more excited to give these to him. Now at the time money was tight for him and he has a son so clearly his son is going to take priority over me and I get it. So he presented me with this small box so I knew it would be jewelry and I was excited because hello it isn't that hard to see what I like..duh Tiffany's. I mean at any given moment I was wearing at least 4 pieces of Tiffany's jewelry. So as I opened up the small box my anticipation and excitement quickly turned into disappoint and horror. What was in that little box you ask? Well let me tell you it was a Swarovski crystal snake necklace.
I'm really not sure what about me says I love snakes and this necklace just has my name written all over it. I couldn't even hide my horror of this what he called piece of jewelry I just immediately assured he still had the receipt because it was going back to the store ASAP. At that moment he put up the white flag and from that point on boycotted trying to pick out any gift for me. Plus with me working in a mall it doesn't help my case because he says it's just so much easier for me to pick out the item and save time. Ugh. 
Lately though I feel as though Tiffany's has been slacking and really they are just tweaking their same old stuff but increasing the price by leaps & bounds. Then my fabulous friend Chris turned me on to Etsy. LOVE LOVE LOVE! The first thing that I fell in love with was the sideway cross necklace. Since I received it I have been on the Etsy website checking out what I can buy next. So I think I have come to a revelation -- yes hunny you may need to read this twice-- I think I am going to boycott Tiffany's and jump on the Etsy bandwagon and not only will I get unique pieces but save a bunch of money! So stay tuned to see whtat I buy next. 

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  1. Oh grasshopper! I have much to show you, but you prove to be a smart student! Etsy is just the beginning my friend!