Thursday, October 13, 2011

Productive Monday

I was lucky enough to have this fabulous day off! I was relieved that it was so nice out because all weekend it was unseasonably warm and I was working all weekend. So of course I started off with a great workout at Crossfit. Today our workout was:

5 Rounds for time:
3 Cleans
15 Wallball
I completed in 6 minutes flat! I was pretty excited with that time. So since we all know that just one workout is never enough and I wanted to take advantage of this weather I also went on a 30 mile bike ride. It was so relaxing and pretty with all the leaves changing. I have to say when the new iPhone comes out and since Sprint is getting it (thank god!) I'll be excited to take pics now on my ride. Finally after my workout regimite was done I was ready to be a great housewife- well after I watched Part 1 of Kim Kardashian's wedding special. I mean come on people I've been watiting for this for months! And let me tell ya it didn't disappoint. Okay so now that I finished that I put away all the laundry- a task that I hate doing and usually put it off until my husband gets sick of looking at it and he does it :) Hopefully he doesn't read this and catch on to my little trick. When I was done I went into the bathroom closet and for some reason this time when I went in there I was disgusted by how disorganized it was and if I didn't fix it ASAP it was going to drive me mad. So I had thought that maybe I just needed to straighten it up and throw out some products. I started there and quickly realized it was more than that I needed bins or baskets to keep everything neat and in place. So a quick trip to IKEA was a definite errand that I needed to take before I started dinner. Now some people don't have an IKEA in their state but let me tell ya it is a fabulous to visit even just once. However here are a few pointers before you enter the big BLUE box.

1. Make sure you pee before you start you're shopping- it is very easy to get lost in IKEA
2. Have a fully charged cell phone- in case you get lost, need to take a picture, or just need to talk or text
3. Have a mental idea of what you want before you go in there with a blank slate- it ends up costing you much more money!
4. Make sure you go with someone who has a good sense of direction

I did do a little looking other than what I intended but I refocused and got to where I needed to be. After looking at my options in the storage dept. I wasn't exactly finding what I needed so I had to improvise a little bit but in the end I found something that would work. I got what I needed, drove home and got straight to work! So in an hour I was able to whip up my bathroom closet into a more organized functioning closet!

Yes there is room for improvement but not a bad start for a project that I started and finished before dinner. 

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  1. I can help with the closet beautification... you now it's my thing! And... I've been beautifying my closet for like 2 months now.