Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stay-cation Day #1

Yesterday 6 pm could not have come soon enough for me- that was when I officially started my vacation! I wasn't going anywhere on this vacation which was fine by me because I needed time to just relax and get stuff done around the house because when I returned from vacation I was going to be in full speed gearing up for the holiday season. 
 So last night I had no real plans to spend my evening and I figured my husband didn't really have anything planned so I headed home looking forward to putting on my comfy clothes and laying around. However my husband had actually asked if I wanted to go out to dinner with him (almost like a date) and rent movies afterwards. This could not have sounded like a more suiting evening. Plus what better way to start my stay-cation with a little alcohol. 

One was my husbands and the other was mine- I wasn't double fisting it I promise

  We had no real plans for Sunday just a few options in mind but the key thing that was on both of our lists was sleeping in! We both turned our phones on vibrate, shut the curtains, and ensured there would be no distractions in waking us up in the wee hours of the morning. Now by sleeping in to me that is 8:30 but let me tell ya it felt fabulous! When I woke up the sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky- a perfect way to wake up and best part was... I didn't have to go to work. I got caught up on some T.V. shows while the hubs still slept and I was planning what we would do for the day. Near our home there is a place called Sunny Acres where they have pumpkin picking, hay rides, haunted houses, petting zoo, etc. and it's such a fun place to go- in fact I remember going there as a child with my parents but I hadn't been there in gosh 10 or 15 years. But today was the day that we were going and heck maybe even getting the kid out of us again. When the hubs finally awoke and I told him what I had wanted to do today he wasn't the most thrilled but as long as I fed him and DVR the Bears Game I knew he would be in. 
  So off we headed to good ol' Sunny Acres Farm ... I think us and about 300 other families decided that today was the perfect day to visit also. Now we all know how well I do with kids (not that well) but I figured I'll just pretend to block them out and we will be all good. So the hubs & I bought tickets for the little activites you could do and off we went. 

First stop... the petting zoo. 
   Yes pretty standard animals lambs, goats, lamas, but they are just so cute I couldn't reisist. 

I was to nervous to feed the pig because a sign read on its cage: Warning watch your fingers. I wasn't going to take my chances

Razzle the baby Cow

My husband feeding the lama- she seemed to really like him and not just because he had food

Me and another lama who was just interested in me for the food

They just wanted the food

After the petting zoo and mass amounts of hand sanitizer we headed through the farm and came across some yummy treats! 

It was a tough choice because all the treats looked so yummy but I settled on a Apple Cidar Doughnut (shh don't tell anyone) and it was delicious! After eating some treats we went on a tractor ride that took us through the woods. There wasn't much to look at so hence the no photos. After the tractor ride we walked around some more and then headed home. The day was finished off with cooking out cheeseburgers on the grill! Couldn't have asked for a better first day of stay-cation! 

Tomorrow's Agenda:
Working out, Dentist (ugh), and well it's up in the air from there. 


  1. Oh my gosh, that sounds like the most perfect stay-cation ever!!!! Apple cider donuts - YES PLEASE! :)

  2. It looks like yall had a wonderful time! We planning on taking our son this weekend to a pumkin patch close to us! :)

  3. Thanks Sherry! It was a perfect first day of my stay-cation & the apple cider doughnut was delicious.

  4. Thanks Jessica- it was a wonderful time & I'm sure you're family will have an amazing time!!

  5. It looks you had a great time.

    For a sake of household health I should take one too... but I'm always sooo busy.

    At least I have read how it feels in your post.

    Keep writing.