Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stay-cation Day #2

Well another gorgeous day on my stay-cation. I couldn't have asked or wished for any better weather and with this great weather I took advantage! First things first I went to Crossfit and got my day started off with a truly hard ass work out. The WOD for today was:

80% max weight for back squat. Do 3 rounds at 5 reps per round. My one one rep max is 215 pounds so that meant my 80% weight was 185 pounds. Phew!

If that wasn't enough we then had to do 21/15/9

135 pound deadlifts & push ups.

I conquered and finished in second place with a time of 6:52!! I was so proud of myself but my day of working out just began.

A couple of girls I work out with had told me about these stairs that are a great work out and there are several trails also that you can walk or run on. I was suppose to go with one of the girls but because of schedule conflict she couldn't go. I decided I'd go on my own now let me say I am horrible at directions and getting from point A to point B. I would get lost going around a cherry tree but thankfully I have a built in navigation system. Of course though the navigation system couldn't find the forest preserve so I used my handy NEW iPhone to help me find my destination. Well the phone did it's job but I just didn't have the exact of address as to where the stairs where so I got a little lost. Plus I was way out of my comfort zone I was like 35-45 minutes away from home. So while I got lost I stumbled upon this really pretty lake.

It looked so pretty on this perfect Fall day- but then I realized that I didn't travel all this way to stare at a lake that frankly my town has as well. So I drove over to this one car where a man was standing to ask him if he knew where the Swallow Stairs were and of course I pick the one person who doesn't know but then just can't say sorry I don't know he has to give me this story about where he is from and blah blah blah. So I found a city worker who directed me where to go and a few minute drive later I arrived!

This was what my challenge ahead of me...

Yikes! I thought okay I can do this no problem- so I embarked on my first round up the stairs, now again I would consider myself a fit person (I am not skinny but I have a lot of muscle) however half way up I was defiantly winded. There were people on their cell phones having a conversation of a lifetime (I would not be one of those people because I would not be able to carry a conversation), there were people with weights, and weighted backpacks, people running (again I would not be running because the stairs are uneven and different heights and my luck I would totally trip). So I was very content just walking up the stairs. Once I reached the top I felt KING OF THE WORLD! Check out my view...

All 126 steps were worth this view. I ended up completing 5 rounds so that equals 630 stairs! Once I got done with my 5th round I decided to check out one of the trails. I did a trail for 2 miles with lovely views and on such a peaceful day. I couldn't help myself to stop and just soak in the peaceful beautiful fall day. 

After 2 hours of stairs & hiking I made my way back to my car. Next on my list was the Dentist- ugh I hate the dentist but then again I don't know who really likes the dentist. Interesting fact- that profession has the highest suicide rate. Yikes! 
  I have a good dentist and I really like him but again it's the dentist. Now I always have high anxiety when I go and I at times can have a bad gag reflex so taking X-Rays and all the tools just enhances that gag reflex. So they take the X-rays and what not and the dentist finally comes in after my cleaning and of course is after me about my wisdom teeth. I don't have them out yet because they were late coming in and they never really bother me so I never saw the need to take them out plus my mother still has hers in. I also have this fear of going under I've never had to go under and don't really want too plus you always hear the horror stories of the aftermath of getting your wisdom teeth out. So the dentist is telling me that I need them out mind you he has been after me for years about this and I have exhausted every excuse in the book at this point. So he is telling me again that at this point it's crucial I have them out so I try to make a joke and say, "Well gosh if they take out my wisdom teeth I won't have my wise wisdom anymore." He didn't like my joke. I thought it was pretty good... no? So then because he knew I recently got married so now he was using a different tactic. So the dentist goes to me, "Just think your wisdom teeth will be a prelude to you giving birth one day to a child." My response, "I don't want kids so I don't need a prelude to anything." He was stumped at this point and just said I needed them out no question asked. So I left there with one cavity and having to get my wisdom teeth out. Ugh. 

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