Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Siri + Jessie = BFF

Okay so when they announced the new iPhone I was pretty ecstatic especially because Sprint was finally getting it! I had the Evo which runs on the Android system and it met my needs just fine but it just wasn't the iPhone. Plus I am such an Apple fan I mean I have a Mac laptop, home computer, iPod, and the iPad 2 so it was only natural for me to complete my love affair with new iPhone. I did promise myself that I would try and hold out as long as I could though until I got the new iPhone my plan was to wait until I was on vacation (which starts Oct. 23rd) and that would allow a couple of weeks to go by and let the hysteria of the new phone settle. So the day the phone came out of course there were long lines everywhere! I did check into a couple pre-order options but I told myself I was going to wait. Plus when the iPad 2 came out I got so stressed over getting it ASAP that I ended up settling on the color and size - even though I'm very happy with what I have and it actually fits my needs perfectly! This time around though I wasn't going to settle. Now Chris had done the pre-order at a store and she said it was sort of a joke because really it was still first come first serve. So again I have proved to myself that I would just wait a few weeks until I got my iPhone. My boss had gotten it so I got to play around on it and see if this was really everything it was hyped up about.... it was. Then Chris got hers and could not stop talking about how cool it was and she had the iPhone 4 so really only a few things were different on the iPhone 4s. 
  On Saturday I got out of work at 5:30 so for the heck of it I called a Best Buy near me just to see if they had any and OMG they had 3 left and in exactly the color & size I wanted!!!! It was destiny. I was able to convince the girl to please hold one I was on my way. As soon as I got there I had them ring me up and get me up and going with my new iPhone. I have to say it is everything and more people! However the best part just might have to be the Siri feature. It is pretty much a personal assistant she does just about anything for you. She looks up phone numbers, traffic, sends and reads text messages (no more driving & texting which you shouldn't be doing because it's illegal). However Siri can be a little testy sometimes. Check it out: 
Yes I know very inappropriate but come on you know you would have asked a vulgar question too. I have to say she is pretty fab- I mean she does it all and sometimes it beats talking to yourself-- now at least you have someone who responds. Haha. 

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