Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project: Organization

So as one my tasks on my bucket list for my staycation was to organize and get rid of clothes in my closets and drawers. I got up this morning and didn't waste any time getting to the task at hand. Here is my before pictures . . . 

As you can see just very disorganized and not neat and pretty. So I had in mind that I would be getting rid of a TON of clothes however that wasn't the case I only got rid of maybe 10 things in total. Which I guess this is a good thing because I haven't been buying things that I don't need and I'm wearing everything I own. However I can say I never realized just how many work out clothes I actually own- haha. Considering besides work the gym is the next place I spend most of my time it would only be natural for me to have a ton of work out clothes. So I got to work on re-organizing- I tried every item of clothing on and decided if it was something to keep or donate. Yes I did have a couple meltdowns along the way because something wasn't fitting the way I thought it should and for as much as I work out and eat healthy. Thank god for good friends and text messaging because some texts were flying during those meltdowns but I got through it. So here is my final result . . .

Can you tell I'm into neon colors at the moment for my work out clothes?? 

My small pile of 'give away' clothes

My new re-organized work out drawer. These are just my shirts  & sports bras

My daily wear jeans 

Okay so an updated look still a work in progress- I really need to get all new wooden hangers for consistency

I feel very accomplished and happy with my project and better yet I don't feel the need to run out to the store and get new items. 

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  1. I recommend the thin huggie hangers... they take up less space and grip clothes well so as not to cause marks on the shoulders of your tops. The wooden hangers are great, but they are heavy and take up a ton of space. Just saying.