Tuesday, January 17, 2012

4 Eyes

Today I went for my yearly eye exam and this was my first complete year with contacts! I seriously don't know what took me so long to transition over to contacts especially with all the working out I do. So I went to get my eyes checked and to make sure that my prescription didn't change. Once again the once thing that annoys me about Dr's or any Dr office now a days is all the silly information they need from you! So I got to the eye Dr and they asked me to fill out some questionnaire thing which I swore I filled out last year but whatever. And some questions were valid but others I was like really? 


Primary Doctor --- fair
Emergency Contact-- fair
Nationality -- um... unfair
Ethnicity -- again unfair

So just to fight the system for the last two questions I checked did not care to answer because honestly that doesn't effect how you are going to exam me. Just saying. So I politely bring my form up the the receptionist and she looks it over and then goes, 'Okay are you ready for us to take your picture?' I'm thinking picture?!? Why do they need a picture of me? And I wasn't told that I needed to be prepared for a photo I mean I literally rolled out of bed to come to this appointment. I thought for a moment and very nicely said, "Maybe next year I'll take the photo but I think I'm good for now". Like what do they really need my picture for?? I come in once a year. 
 So I sat waiting for them to call my name to get my eyes checked. Waited. Waited. Yes! They called my name. So I sat in the chair and they have you put your head in that thing where they test different lenses out. Now I first did this with my contacts in. Can I tell you how confusing this process is? I mean they show you the 4 lines of letters and then go , "Okay 1 or 2?" as they switch between two lenses. I get so confused and always have to make them go back to first one and then back to the second and then back to the first. Half the time I don't even know a real big difference. Then I'm thinking shoot I can't just randomly guess because it could effect my prescription so then I start to stress. So probably what should have been a 20 minute appointment took about 40 minutes. However I am proud to say all that stress paid off because my prescription didn't change! So another successful year of contacts.  

I can now check this off my bucket list for the month. 

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