Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Gap Finds

So rarely when I shop do I ever get clothes that I can actually wear out in the real world because I usually am buying clothes to wear at the gym (since I'm always working out). However when I opened my mail about a week ago and got one of the many enticing offers from the Gap I was intrigued enough to go on their website. Well that was a mistake! Because they've once again reinvented a basic & staple article of clothing -- the T-Shirt. However I have fallen for the trap and thought I needed this new & improved T-Shirt. Plus it comes in so many cuts, fabrics, and styles I was sure I'd find some to enhance my wardrobe. So we all know I have a slight obsession with fluorescent (case in point) and I was in my heaven! So as soon as I arrived at the store they had the shirts all laid out but my eyes went straight for these: 

Adorable right?? Well I certainly thought so. Plus I had some fun fluorescent work out tops but they were just that my work out tops not T-Shirts I would wear out and about. So these were a must! Plus the feel and fit were amazing I could live in them! The specific cut I got is called The Mercer. Then I couldn't leave without checking out their work out section and I snagged these! 

LOVE! Super comfy and they don't ride up so I was all over them plus the POP of color totally sealed the deal. 

So I was very happy with my recent purchases and can't wait to start putting outfits together but that would then mean I need to go somewhere besides the gym. Hmm.. I better get on this. 


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