Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kardashian Khaos!

By this point if you're a active reader of my blog you know that I am all things obsessed with the Kardashians. So when the hubby & I

Aren't we adorable?? 
Went to Vegas for our 1 year anniversary (as we all know he really wanted to go back to Vegas to see Carrot Top but I was equally as guilty because I wanted to go to the new Kardashian Khaos store) I couldn't wait to book it over to the store. The hubs was a great sport & after we dropped off our luggage & ate we were off to the races! As soon as we got to the shopping area at The Mirage I kind of wanted to break into a sprint to the store. Here is what stood before me:

Now I have to be honest while I'll pretty much buy anything that has to do with the entire Kardashian Klan however I had to walk the store a few times to finally decide what to buy. However the decision process was not due to the overload of stuff I wanted but rather I was a little in sticker shock over the prices. Now I'm not a woman who gets sticker shock very often (to me spending $50 on flip flops is normal or $400 on sunglasses is fine) however spending $80 on a t-shirt that says Kim is my favorite isn't really justified in my book. $100 for a sample size of all Kim's fragrances, or $15 for a key chain - Yes I LOVE them but did I love them enough to fork out that kind of money?? I ended up finding something that I found practical and I could justify. A limited edition Stila Kardashian eye shadow palette. Check out the adorable cover of the palette:

Can we say AMAZEBALLS Adorable??!?

Check out the colors:

I mean all these colors are colors that I would and could wear on a daily basis! LOVE LOVE LOVE. And as soon as I bought it I actually wore it everyday I was in Vegas. Not to mention the adorable shopper I got:

LOVE!!! Just as a side note I didn't save the shopper it stayed in Vegas. Haha. 

So while I didn't see the Kardashians in Vegas before long I would have my chance. I couldn't even believe that I was saying this but it was true! They were coming to Woodfield Mall (I work in Woodfield) and I just so happen to be working on the day of their appearance. Now working on the day of their appearance was a double edge sword because well quite frankly if I wasn't working I would be one of those crazy people who camped outside to be one of the first to see them. However with me having to work I was able to pick peoples brain to figure out what was going on out there and get my plan of attack. So let me tell ya once 5:00 read on the clock I literally ran actually that's an understatement I sprinted towards Sears- sprinting like I was running for my life. I was quickly stopped by the herds of people

All the people trying to get a glimpse of Kim and Khole. However I was able to weasel my way through and this was the best view I could get: 

So while my dreams of meeting them were so close but yet so far away I did stalk Kim's Instagram and here are some pics she posted while in the Chi

Here is also a video they posted on the madness

I'll always love my Kardashians- hopefully one day I'll get to meet them! At least I was kinda close right?? 



  1. Oooohh girl, we could be BFF's!! I HEART the Kardashians too!! I have a few of their polishes and their books BUT have never been to a store and aways seem to miss when they are here in the Chi doing a signing! CUTE cover on the shadows!

    1. Man oh man we are after each other's own hearts! haha. I am totally obsessed with them!