Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Yes if you follow my blog you know I work retail and retail like many jobs isn't cookie cutter as far as a schedule goes. So when I snagged Memorial Day weekend off without even asking I thought I won the lottery! I had no plans for the weekend so quickly I was scrambling to pull something together but was coming up empty handed. Then the other day when I was chatting with the hubby on the phone and he suggested we go up to my lake house. I thought this was a genius idea! With my grandma just passing this would be a great place to go and to honor her and getaway. The lake house has been in my family ever since my mum was little, I would go up there all year round when I was little and spend time with my grandparents because they loved going up there as much as possible. However as I got older the less I went up there. Plus we don't have Internet up there, no cable, and no cell phone reception which is a recipe for disaster to any teenager -- let's just be real here. Total tangent but funny story-- when I was head over heels for this certain guy and we had this crazy whirlwind fling-romance- whatever you want to call it. But even though it was short lived (a little over a 2 months) I fell hard for him and when he broke my heart I literally thought my world was over. And because I was young and totally blind sided by the break up I may have stalked checked his MySpace very often and checking my phone constantly. I was a wreck so the only place I knew to runaway to actually be disconnected from the whole situation was the lake house. And guess what a weekend up there cured a broken heart.

However life had gotten in the way and as I got older when I thought of vaca i thought warm weather, friends, and being connected so I neglected the lake house for many years. Finally my husband & I went up there two summers ago and he fell in love. We had a wonderful time. Went to hole in the wall bars, went to the dells for the day, sat on the dock & talked. It was simple & romantic. So when I told him I had Memorial Day weekend off & I had no plans in mind but when he said the lake house I burst into a smile.

I can't wait for this weekend getaway and to reconnect with myself, honor my grandma, & love my husband even more than I already do.

Here are some pics from our last time up at the lake house:

Can't wait to share more funny pics with ya! 


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