Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Laugh Out Loud Fun!

I'm a reality show whore - let's just be honest. One of my favorite newer shows (this was it's 2nd season) is Joan Knows Best which features Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa Rivers. Joan has really made a splash on E!'s Fashion Police

And she has been capturing a new generation of audience members ever since. Her reality show is equally as funny. Plus I give her credit she just 78 and she really keeps active and is involved in her appearance. Let's be real if I'm 78 and have as many millions as she does I would be doing a little tip & tuck & suck & pluck too.

One evening as I was getting ready to watch my weekly episode of Joan Knows Best, about half way through during a commerical my husband proceeds to tell me very casually that Joan Rivers is doing a comedy skit in St. Charles. I nearly fell off the couch, how could he be holding on sharing such crucical info?? To give you an idea of just how close St. Charles is to where I live . . .

Yes super super close! 

So as fast as he told me about the show I was on the venue website ordering two tickets for my mother & I. We ended up getting mid-range seats which were at a bargain and with the e-mail confirmation we were all set for the date.

Saturday couldn't come soon enough, so after a long day of work I was ready to get my laugh on. As we arrived in downtown St. Charles this is what we were greeted with . . .

Thankfully it was nice outside so we didn't mind waiting outside until almost 9:30. The show started late but when you're seeing Joan Rivers that's okay. Once we got seated and all situated we were now ready for Joan to come on. Here is a pic of the theatre . . . 


She finally came on and after a almost 2 1/2 performance my stomach was killing me from laughing so hard and I was crossing my legs so I didn't pee my pants. It was totally worth the money and a great way to spend a Saturday night! 

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