Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello....Is anyone out there??

Hello World! I have never thought I would be doing a blog and writing about my life and thoughts to the anonymous world out there. Well here I am and here we go.

 So why did I start this blog? Well many reasons in fact.
 - A very good friend of mine started to write a blog and I thought, 'I could do this too' (you should follow her blog as well very funny-- Chubbette's Blog ) and plus her and I are both Spring cleaning our closets and lives so this whole blog thing could be therapeutic. Chubbette and I thought about going to therapy but thought we could get a group discount since we were both going through the same life experiences -- needless to say the whole group discount was denied. So this has become my form of therapy.
- Also lets face it Oprah has now been off the air for 24 hours and I'm already loosing my mind. I loved everything about Oprah and looked to her for my 'Ah-Ha' moments, so I felt lost knowing she won't be on my DVR everyday. While no one yet can replace the O I thought I can create my own Ah-Ha moments and draw from my life eperiences, granted I won't be giving away cars or be able to give away my favorite things but we all start somewhere right??

 - Finally I felt this idea of blogging would be a fun way to not only laugh at myself (because we all can laugh at ourselves at one point or another) but also laugh at life.

 I hope you join me in my journey of trying to find coming from a place to Yes and everything in between because I can tell you one thing it will be one great adventure.

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