Friday, May 27, 2011

The Other Woman

Oh gosh, I NEVER thought I'd say this, I never thought I'd be that woman that was blind sided by such humiliation and disrespect. I thought I had a strong marriage I mean we've been only been married for 16 weeks how could this happen?!? So let me tell you about this other woman.... she commands all of my husbands attention, expects to be dotted on, and just drools when she sees my husband. She's 100 pounds (bitch), short black hair, and brown eyes. I know you're probably wondering who this other woman is... Her name is Atticus or her nickname on the street is Atti. She's our 3 year old Dobermine Pinscher and my husband is the apple of her eye and I think at times she's the apple of my husbands eye.
   Here is the queen bee- just lounging on the couch- leather couch that is which she isn't suppose to be on but why would she listen.

 You have to understand the pecking order in my house-- I'd like to think I'm queen bee the one who rules the roost but sadly I'm not.. well in some scenarios I am. However I've never understood how much an animal can truly be the ruler of the house especially my dog and when you have a husband who is an enabler it's all down hill from there.

I think every girl thinks they will be #1 in their husbands eye until a child comes along. However not in my scenario...nope

My Husband's Pecking Order:
His Son (my step-son)
Atti (our dog)

My Pecking Order:
My husband

The thought that I'm at the bottom now & think when we have a child I will drop another spot! My husband thinks I'm crazy when I tell him the dog is above me on his pecking order. So I think okay maybe I'm really loosing it and over analyzing the whole thing. Could my husband actually be right on this one??

 So a few weeks go by and I'm trying to think I command the #2 spot on my husband's pecking order. Then I come home late from work one night to find this....

After seeing this I had my second 'Ah-Ha' moment. First off I'm not crazy and secondly I better own and start loving being #3 because I'm not moving up anytime soon. 

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