Monday, March 5, 2012

Manni Monday

So with Spring only a couple of weeks away (yay!) I decided to see what was hot for Spring nail trends because we all know I'm always looking for the new "it" color of the season. While I still love my neutrals and pinks I did see some trends that were sure eye catching. 

I honestly don't know how I feel about this color, I saw it on Essie's Spring line up and I wasn't loving and I have to say I'm still not loving. I guess if your a darker skin tone it may look better than on someone who is has a lighter skin tone. 

I have to say I think if you find the right color of this shade I think it could be fabulous especially with a good summer tan. 

I don't agree with painting all your nails in glitter but I am still such a fan of painting the one finger with a fun glitter. Plus now with all the companies coming out with a glitter assortment you are bound to find a great glitter. 

I love my neutrals- and I love how they call it Foundation Nails- again this is a hard color to find the "perfect" shade for your skin tone but once you do buy in bulk! Make it your signature color. 

A perfect Easter basket of colors, loving the Chanel color- I may have to go check that out. 

Neon is in! Everywhere I look I see Neon clothes and colors and with nails to match I am loving. 

I am loving every color in this picture. I think you couldn't go wrong with any one of these colors.

I'm such a firm believer in having a signature color- you can even have a signature color for every season, color, time of year, etc. Test different colors out, see what you like and test out different shades of it. A red isn't just a red there are so many different reds. For example, my signature red color is Big Red Apple by OPI. Have fun and play and sample different colors!

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