Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Workout Wednesday

I'm sure you know by now I'm into extreme work outs I mean that is how I ended up at Crossfit and ended up loving it actually it becoming an obsession let's just be honest here. So I've always been up to some extreme ways to stay fit so when I heard about the Warrior Dash it sparked my interest in every way. Although I have to admit I have watched the video several times and I feel very very intimidated by this dash. However let's be real here to me a dash is like a 50 yard dash this is a 3.06 mile dash that's a little more than a dash thats like a 5k let's be honest. 

I'm not a great runner so the distance piece really intimidates me because what if it takes me forever to get through the distance piece then on top of the distance I then have to do obstacles. Some of them look doable but others look hard! It really is a suppose to be a fun and team activity so I have still left the idea of signing up on the table but we shall see because the deadline is ticking. 

Are you signing up for any races this season??

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