Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring Time = Spring Clean

Since I was getting my paperwork prepared to get my taxes done this year- which by the way totally stressed me out. We have an accountant but I was convinced that this year we were going to owe because we don't have very many write offs and we made more money this year (score!). I would have nightmares of having to owe the government thousands and thousands of dollars. I went to our accountant and WOW did we make out this year. Who knew that getting married was such a good benefit I mean obviously besides getting married because you're in love with the other person and want to spend the rest of your life with them. Now whenever I get mad at my husband I just need to think of that nice tax benefit I will I mean we will get at the end of the year. Just make it through another year. Then when I hear how much money you get back for having a child- let me tell ya it has made the idea of procreating more appealing to me. My vagina still hates the idea but my wallet is still considering the idea. 

So anyways when I was getting all my paperwork ready I realized that I have completely neglected my office space which mind you I am in this space at least once or twice a day. I guess I was jut good at putting my blinders on but now that my taxes are done I needed to tackle my office space and give it some TLC. Now I didn't take before pictures (sorry!) however I got hard at work purging files, documents, reorganizing and making it an effective work space. Now I would like to stop at the containerstore and get some more goodies for my office space but here is what I did with what I had. 

I can't wait to pick up a few more things around my area and make some small changes to make it a more effective and fun work space for me. 


  1. I feel like you and I have been spring cleaning our homes (and our lives) for the past year... longest spring cleaning ever!

  2. Haha I couldn't agree more!!!

  3. Can you please come and organize me...and my mind?