Monday, June 4, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Wrap Up

It's hard to believe that Memorial Day weekend was a week ago but I guess time flies when you have fun right?? So the hubby & I escaped up to my lake house and I hate to admit this but I haven't been there in over a year! So when I snabbed the entire Memorial Day weekend to be off I had to take full advantage. I worked until 10pm on Friday night so we left really early on Saturday morning. Since I was still on the Paleo Diet I got up extra early to make sure I ate a "clean" breakfast. The hubby had to stop at McDonald's but I stayed strong and didn't get anything. So now off we were to the Lake House! 
About 50 miles later as he was driving on the highway I had to go pee so bad. I just couldn't hold it, so the lovely hubby stopped at a rest stop for me to pee. As I was leaving I got stopped by the silly quarter machines and one of them had those adhesive mustaches. I couldn't pass this up so I scrounged around for 50 cents and got myself a fabulous looking mustache. 
Don't I look adorable?? Haha. And then at the rest stop they had a vending machine but something very interesting was in the vending machine
About 2 hours later and hitting some bad weather we finally made it to the lake house! 
The moment we pulled up I instantly felt at peace and was so glad to be here. Then when I looked down at my cell phone it read NO SERVICE. Just what the hubby & I need- no distractions. A couple hours later the bad weather we hit on the way up finally made it's way to the Lake House. So our plans of going to the Dells had to get pushed to the next day. So we then made our 45 minute drive into town to go get something to eat. But before that adventure we had to stop at Pretzel which is the towns general store. Now when I mean general store it's literally everything this town has, it's the deli, gas station, bait shop, hardware store, grocery store, movie store, post office, hunting store, bakery, and gas. Now it use to be this teeny tiny shop but over the last 5 years it has gotten a major face lift. 
When we went to pick up a few essentials it was PACKED! You could tell the out of towners have flooded the small town of Rome. But trust me you can always tell who the locals are. Haha. What I found so funny was while the hubby & I were navigating through the many departments this is a convo we here:
Local #1: Oh my gosh Susie it's so funny I run into you here
Local #2: Oh my gosh Linda how funny! What a small world

Excuse me?? Where else would you run into each other?? It's a population of 700 people this is the only thing around. Only in a small town. 
So after picking up a few things we made the voyage into town and got something to eat. Once again I was really really trying to stay diligent and stick to my diet. So we went to this diner and while the hubby ate this
I had this. . . 
I know don't be jealous of my amazing dinner. 

On Saturday we decided to go down to the Dells and take a horse back ride and then grab some lunch and then go out on the lake because it was amazeballs weather! By the time we got down the Dells it was over 90 degrees and the thought of horseback riding wasn't happening. So instead we shopped the little shops and of course anything sweet my husband is drawn to so off to the Taffy Shoppe we went. Wow all the options! 

 The options were endless- grape, pink lemonade, green apple, root beer, raspberry, blueberry, lemon, I could go & on. So needless to say this was my breaking point and I had to get my own bag of taffy (because the hubby refused to share). 
Off to lunch we went and we went to this great burger joint:

How could you not order cheese curds?? For the record the hubby ordered them but I'm not going to lie my hands def creeped over and had a few. After we stuffed our faces we drove back to house and got ready to go out on the water. Here are some views of the property from our living room

Hubs & I used great team work and went out on the water- sorry no pics I didn't want to risk dropping my phone in the water or it getting wet. Here is a pic of the lake though
After spending 2 1/2 days up at the lake and the hubs & I laughing and having fun and not worrying about work or anything it was time to head back home. As we packed up the car and locked up the house we were on the road back to Chicago. As we were driving I looked behind us and this is what I saw
Then about 15 minutes this was the view ahead of us
Needless to say we hit some bad weather and traffic. We stopped off and got some food- this time I cheated on my diet. And about 3 hours later we were HOME!!! It was a wonderful weekend and I couldn't have asked for a better time with the hubby. 



  1. Sounds like a GREAT weekend! Good that y'all had to a chance to disconnect and re-connect.

    1. Thanks! It was def good to get away!