Thursday, October 11, 2012

Barbell for Boobs

Thank goodness today is Thursday because I am off tomorrow and I can't wait!! Although I have a lot to do to prep for a event I'm doing on Saturday at my Crossfit gym. It's called

This is my first time competing for the event and I am nervous/excited. Thankfully my Crossfit gym is hosting this event and we are expecting about 65 people there and about 45 people competing!! The work out that we have to do for this event is called Grace which is 30 Clean & Jerk and women's rx weight is 95lbs.

Here is a short video of what the work out is:

I will be doing the RX weight of 95lbs. I did Grace about two weeks ago at 95lbs and my time was 14:15 and then I did Grace again on Monday and got my time down to 5:14!!! I'm hoping to get my time under 5:00 on Saturday. Wish me luck! 

It will be so much fun competiting for a great cause and having all my fellow Crossfitters competiting against each other and pumping each other up. 

I am always a supporter of charities but this year it is a little closer to me because a very good friend of mine who ironically I met at Crossfit was diagnosed with breast cancer only a month ago and just went under a double mastectomy, she's only 33 years old. She's on the road to recovery and she is the reason that I am going to do this event and do it 110%! I even have a pretty amazing outfit for it. You'll have to wait until I post about it next week to check it out. 

Wish me luck! And love your ta-ta's!!!!!! 


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  1. Good luck!!! My time would be way slower!!! Love the cause & crossfit!!