Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I did it for the Ta-Ta's!

Hello Lovelies! I hope that everyone had a good weekend and is having a good start to their week. Sorry I didn't post yesterday I was so exhausted from the weekend I just needed a day to relax and be mindless, and that's exactly what I did. However that now means today I need to cram everything to get done. Ahh! Oh Well.

So last week I posted about a event that I was doing that my Crossfit gym was hosting called Barbell for Boobs. The competition consisted of the work out called "Grace" which is 30 Clean & Jerks and Women's prescribed weight was 95lbs. Easy weight for me and I have done this work out many of times and just did it last Monday and shaved a significant amount off my time- I was at 5:14- which was pretty good.

So the morning of the event I as pretty nervous I'm not going to lie. However this event was more than just seeing my time but really in support of a dear friend of mine who at 33 was just diagnosed with breast cancer and just went under a double mastectomy. So in honor of her I made this fabulous shirt to show my support for her:

I had a great support group of my family there as well as my lovely friends from the gym. Here is the video of my event!

Best part is I shaved another minute off my time from that Monday!! Woot Woot!! It was an amazing event and everyone did their best and really represented CFGE very well! 



  1. CONGRATS!! Everybody makes it look so easy, and I am sure it is not! Such a great cause!