Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pit & Peak

Happy Hump Day! Gosh I can't believe that it's Wednesday already but I'll take it! I apologize that I haven't been writing as consistently I've just been so busy with work and prepping for the holiday season that it actually has taken over my life.

I am however excited to do Pit & Peak of the week! Check it out. . .

Here are the Rules:
1. Say what was the Pit of your week
2. What was the Peak of your week
3. Any other things you want to share about your week 

Grab a button -- follow your host -- stop by other people who have linked up and post a comment! 

The Peak of my week is that I am leaving for Mexico in a week & a half!!!! I seriously cannot wait! I think the thing I am most excited about is that I will literally be disconnected from the world. We aren't bringing cell phones, iPads, laptops, NOTHING! Just a kindle & iPods. I am so ready to soak up those hot Mexico rays! 

My Pit of the week would have to be wishing I had a 3 days weekend like most of the country because of Columbus Day. I will say though that it was fabulous driving to work on Monday morning because there was NO traffic! Glorious! 

Now it's your turn. . . .



  1. Great Linky grabbing your Button now.

  2. So jealous of your trip to mexico! Also super impressed that you're not taking cell phones!!

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  4. I'd never heard of pit and peak before. Cool idea, though! =) Kinda like awkward and awesome.


  5. Im envious of no cell phones, iPads, etc. I really need to plan on that the next time we go away. Thanks for the inspiration

  6. what a cute link up idea! wish I would've seen this sooner! I found your blog from Chelsea's big giveaway! excited to be your newest follower and read more posts from the way, have fun without technology in're gonna LOVE it!