Monday, September 17, 2012


Do you ever look in the mirror and feel like you need a change?? Well the last month or so I was defiantly feeling that and while I could give you a laundry list of things I would like to change (nose job, a little bit plumper lips, some lipo, boob job maybe?) I wasn't about to go under the knife anytime soon but I could spice up something. . .so why not my hair. I really sat on this for sometime before I opened my mouth and got everyone else's opinion I needed to make sure I was committed to this idea. And I'm not going to lie the OH so wonderful Pintrest happen show me a picture of the perfect hair color. Here is the photo that inspired me:

Source: via Jessie on Pinterest

Pretty MAJOR huh?? Well I thought it was. So after I committed I then started to get other's opinions- everyone hands down said they wanted me back to my blond roots. So off I was to a consultation to see how bad it would be to go from black (yes black) to blond. That's a crazy jump. But I was rocking the black for about a year now because I was channeling my inner Kim K and it did me well people it did me well. But I felt like it was time to move on- so my hair stylist said it could def be done just might take a couple of hours and two separate trips to the hairstylist- that was fine by me! So I have my appointment set for today @ 4pm! AHH!! I can't wait and I'm kind of nervous. I will be posting a pic tomorrow. But until then let's go down memory lane of some of my other hair colors . . .

From the past to current:

I've had my phases of hair colors and I felt like each color was for a different chapter in my life and you know I am starting such a great new chapter in my life and I'm ready to reflect that change personally. 

I'll be posting a pic tomorrow of what it looks like. Ahh!! I can't wait



  1. Cant wait to see the new look... what changes through the years... I look exactly the same since first grade.. maybe younger :)

  2. I think the dark looks great on you... but the blond looks like it will be a great change up, too! Can't wait to see the pictures :)

  3. I have that picture pinned too! It is such a great cut. Can't wait to see pictures:)

  4. Oh my, can't wait to see and yes I know we need a date!

  5. Yay! I am sure it will look lovely!

    PS) You spray tan, right?! :-)

  6. Love that color, and cannot wait to see how it turns out!!