Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Letters

Hello Friday! I actually kept thinking that Thursday was Friday- all day I thought 'Oh thank god it's Friday' but it wasn't it was Thursday. However I'm happy you're finally here. I am once again linking up with Ms. Ashley for none other than


Dear Red Mango: Ugh! I never should have tried you because you're so addicting. Technically you're not on my diet but when I have that sweet tooth craving I just can't resist. Plus compraed to all the other things I could eat I don't think this is that bad. I mean I'm just saying.
Dear Work: I seriously cannont believe that I'm already writing holiday schedules. Plus the thought of also hiring 45 seasonals & coming up with a training calander. AHH!!

Dear Self: I cannot tell you ohw proud I am that I've discovered my innner culinary Godness. Who knew starting this diet would not only promote weight loss but also my cooking skills. I'm totally impressed.

Dear Hubby: Thank you for taking care of me while I was sick. I always say you're the best caregiver when I'm sick, you're so attentive and put up with my crazy demands and every want and desire. Thank you! 

Dear Weekend Off: I'm excited you're next weekend, no big plans but aren't those the best anways? I think so! 

Dear Open Resturant Space: So when I came to work today I noticed that Ruby Tuesday's was gone like tumble weeds were already rolling in. How crazy because two days ago you were packed! Kinda bummed because you did have good burgers but oh well. So now with this prime resturant location open I'm dying to see what goes there. Better be something good! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 



  1. Your hubby sounds too sweet!!
    Have a great weekend keep up the good cooking!

  2. That's awesome that a diet launched your cooking skills! I'm still trying to find mine haha
    Have a great weekend!