Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pit & Peak Link-Up

Happy Wednesday all! I am so screwed up on my days because of Labor Day- is anyone else? Or it just could be me which wouldn't be so abnormal.

So as I mentioned last week I decided to host a weekly link-up called The Pit & Peak of the your week. I am a little nervous because I don't know how many people will link up but I'm going to stay committed to it and try and get the word out there.

Here are the Rules:
1. Say what was the Pit of your week
2. What was the Peak of your week
3. Any other things you want to share about your week 

Grab a button -- follow your host -- stop by other people who have linked up and post a comment! 

The Pit of my week would defiantly be when I was mad at my husband although he didn't know I was mad at him. I know that sounds odd but I was just feeling so disconnected from him for a few days so I thought avoiding him would be the best solution (I know very mature on my part) but when I realized that avoiding him wasn't going to get me very far we had some serious long over due pillow talk. I'm happy to report that I got everything off my chest and I feel 100% connected to him again!

The Peak of my week has been my new fondness of cooking! So I'm on the Paleo diet again (if you don't know what it is check out my post here) and while I have resorted to the recipes that I knew I liked and could cook from my last time going on Paleo I decided that those 4 recipes weren't going to last me for the long run. Yes I'm going for the LONG run here (thanks for the constant check up from my trainer where I have to text him a picture of everything -- yes everything -- I ate) so off to google I went for some Paleo recipes and I found quite a few that I was feeling ambitious in making. I spent my entire afternoon in the kitchen making 3 new recipes. Don't worry a post is defiantly coming out of this afternoon. Best part is everything I made was edible!



  1. ahhh i have heard of the paleo diet! so cool. i can't wait for your recipe post.

    i have totally done the same thing in the past...just avoiding someone b/c you're "off." glad you guys are all better :)

    1. I'll be posting a little bit about the Paleo on Friday in Friday Letters but yes coming soon will be some good recipies. If you can get over the first 3-4 days it really is amazing how great you feel.