Thursday, September 6, 2012

Friday Letters

Well hello there, let me tell ya I cannot be more thankful that I yes that is correct I fixed my little blogger glitch. Don't get me wrong I did consult some lovely techy blog friends to see if they could help me fix the issue but everyone was coming up with no solutions. So I was determined to sit down and tackle this. After a few swear words I finally got it all figured out!! We are up and running again ladies!!

So now to what else is important which is


I really missed it last week so mine may be a bit longer than normal - I apologize in advance! 

Dear Hubby: Sorry for being 'mad' at you - even though you didn't officially know I was mad at you. I was just suddenly feeling so disconnected. However a 2 hour car ride across state lines will allow for anyone to get re-connected. Thanks for allowing a great two-way conversation. We are once again a Team!! Go J&M!! 

Dear Paleo: Oh, we meet again. Not sure how I feel about that. Well I'll be honest the first 3 days were complete and utter HELL (hell could be an understatement). The first 3 days I wanted EVERYTHING I couldn't have- my arm was even looking tasty at some points. I felt the exact same way the last time I went on the Paleo diet but it doesn't get any easier going threw withdrawals. I have successfully made it past the 3 days and with all my limbs in tact :) A post to come about some new recipes I've tried. I would also like to report how amazing I'm feeling now. 

Dear Sponsorship: I finally pulled the trigger and did my first sponsorship. I had mixed feelings about it but thought I'd give it a try. I'm hoping to broaden my audience as well as gain some new followers.

Dear EC Notebook: You finally came! I only tracked you about a million times but I finally have you. I'm going to post more about this amazing new tool and maybe even a giveaway (hint hint)

Dear Pintrest: You have seriously become my new BFF. It took me awhile to get bought into you but now I'm obsessed. Thank you for taking over my life. 

Happy Weekend! 



  1. love the husband one! so honest!

    new follower :)

    Have a happy Friday! Drop by and say hello!