Monday, September 17, 2012

Polish Swap Reveal

Hi Everyone! Okay I apologize I have been so busy with work and this new diet is requiring me to put a lot of time in the kitchen so I have sort of neglected some of my post duties. I promise I'll be getting back on track! 

So about a month ago I signed up on Carly's blog for a nail polish swap- this had my name written all over it! I love anything that has to do with nail polish, I'm a nail polish junkie more like an Essie junkie! So I was so excited to at the opportunity to share this with someone else who also enjoyed nail polishes. All we had to do was write the type of nail polish we would like: neutral, pink, dark, etc. Since my new dress code at work only required me to wear neutrals I decided to stick with the neutral theme. 

A few weeks later I got an e-mail with my swap partner! We exchanged a few e-mails and then I anxiously waited for my package. My partner said she liked darker colors so I went straight to Essie and got her two colors from there. About 2 1/2 weeks later I received my package! Check out my goodies. . . 

I cannot wait until my manni/pedi appt on Tuesday to try one of these colors- I just don't know which one to do! 

Thanks so much for hosting- this was such a fun idea!! 



  1. Love that soft pink, it's stunning!


  2. that gold and pink will look so great together! thanks so much for swapping with us!

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