Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Letters

Good Morning Dolls! Friday already?? Or should I say August 3rd, what what?!?! It's so bittersweet because at the end of August is my Birthday (the 25h so mark your calendars!) and I'm always excited for that but then on the other hand it marks the end of the summer (NOOO!!!). So I am linking up with Adventures of a Newlywed for


I hope she's doing it but if not oh well I still have a lot to write about. So let's jump in! 

Dear Car: I know I wrote about you last week but shockingly I have good news, wait what?? I feel like car repairs and good news in the same sentence is a oxymoron. However when my car repair bill jumped from $420 to $1100 in a matter of a phone call I was frustrated but what could I do. Well because my repair man was so honest (again another oxymoron here) when I went to pick up my car the one part he thought I needed and ordered for me he was actually able to fix mine therefore saving me $300!!! I was ecstatic!! So thank you car repair man and thank you car for actually working with me here. Let's be friends again. 

Dear Hubby: I swear I love you with all my heart but why do I always think your birthday is the 8th and I can never remember the year you were born in?? I am going to blame it on all the other great things I do for you that this just slips my mind. BUT you still need to tell me what you want for your birthday. I mean I know you have the greatest gift of all...ME.. duh..joking! You would say the dog. 

Dear Olympics: I am obsessed with you! I didn't know anyone's name well with the exception of Micheal Phelps and now I'm shouting your names at my TV as I'm watching you compete. I get so nervous as you do your routine and can only image what you're really feeling. Keep up the good work Team USA!! 

Dear Nordstrom: I really thought I could skip by your Anniversary Sale but really who was I kidding?? I ended up caving yesterday and the joys of online shopping took over. I mean how can I argue with things I love obsessed with being on sale and in a few short days going back to full price. Here is what I got:

So the first picture- the 'live in leggings' I already own a pair and am obsessed so I may have ordered 2 more pair. I mean how could I not?? Originally $52 and now on sale for $33. I mean it's like two for the price of one. 

Dear Erin Condren: I love your Life Planner and I swear I should just delete your e-mails you send me because you're latest e-mail has me feeling like I need your notebooks. Check it out here and this is the color I want- the turquoise and white one. I would add the month at a view option. I would like to use it to write down my blog ideas and rough drafts. What are your thoughts?? Or does anyone have this and have any input?? PS I do have a $10 coupon too.

Thanks for reading and I hope that everyone has a great weekend. Can't wait to read all of your Friday Letters. 



  1. I don't know what i'd do without leggings! Especially now that fall is soo close!!

  2. fun letters..and yea for the car news!! car repairs definitely stink!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for following & commenting. Yes so happy w the car news

  3. Stopping by from Friday's letters!

    Love leggings and can't wait until fall to wear them even more. Yes, I'm one of those. And thanks for linking to those planners...what a great idea!

    1. You need a life planner. I'm truly obsessed w mine!!!

  4. ohmygosh, i am obsessed with the olympics too! and it's so funny how i now know more athletes than i did last week. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  5. I just found your blog - so cute!
    I wanted to tell you that you are not alone in the forgetting the year your husband was born! It drives my hubby nuts that I have to ask ALL the time!