Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vaca Countdown

So if you've been following my blog for awhile you know that I take a lot of vacations (not my fault, I've been with my employer for almost 7 years so I accrue a ton of vaca) however the last two vacations (one in June and one in July) were stay-cations. So I needed to take one vaca before the holidays were in full swing and anyone who works or worked retail knows that you need a vaca before the holidays and one right after and a stiff drink or two in between. So I needed to get my butt in gear in organizing my next vaca, since my big TO DO on my July stay-cation was to apply for our passports- I wanted to head out of the country and have a date with me, a beach, sunshine, and a drink. The hubs didn't care where we went because let's be honest have I ever steered him wrong? Nope. So I have been really wanting to go to Mexico because I haven't been there since I was like 8 and let's be honest they have some amazing deals plus I wanted to try All-Inclusive. The hubs wasn't keen on the idea at first but at the end of the day it was my choice and I knew he wouldn't say no to a beach vacation, who would?? 

So off I was talking to co-workers, friends, even strangers on their input on Mexico and other beach vacations. The overall conscientious was that Mexico was a fun place to go especially if you wanted to do all-inclusive. So Mexico it was! Thankfully one of my co-workers has been to Mexico the last 2 years so she gave me some good ideas on what city to stay and what hotels were good and bad. 

While I narrowed down my search I felt pretty confident in my choice and I was ready to book! While I consider myself pretty savvy with booking my travel online I was a little hesitant since this was a international flight and all-inclusive so I decided to go through a travel agent. I have to say I felt like I got a steal of a deal! As soon as we finalized all the small details I was ready to book and literally as I am about to pay my phone rings and who is it? The hubs- who all along didn't have a care in the world on where we went or what we did but now all of a sudden decided he wanted to make a appearance (which wasn't welcome) and ask a million questions. I told him what he wanted to hear and figured if they don't have what he wants what is he going to do leave?? Nah. Plus he is really easy to please. So where did we decide to stay well I think these pictures speak for themselves because it's paradise! 

The hotel is called Iberostar and this resort is located in Cancun. 

I mean can I leave tomorrow please?!? This trip cannot come soon enough! The best part is that a ton of sports are included which are important to me because let's be real I totally plan on working out everyday and they offer yoga too! Score! I'm planning on hitting the tennis courts, wind surfing, running, oh yeah and lay by the pool. Haha. 

So I need some advice because I haven't traveled outside of the country in some years- do I bring my iPad?? Don't really want to leave that at the pool. Do I bring my Kindle?? Do I just buy paper back books?? Do I bring my cell phone? I can't use it because I don't have international calling but I can use it in the WiFi areas to send some e-mails to friends and family letting them know we are still alive. Plus I could use it to take pics and funny videos. 




  1. Looks amazing... have so much fun doll!

  2. We always take our iPads and laptop for the plane ride and to use in the hotel room. Personally I find it hard to see electronics in the bright sunshine, so a book is easier on my eyes (I have really sensitive eyes, so this might not be the same for everyone). iPhone is great to take too because you can get online if you can get wifi, and it's small enough to pack around with you if you leave the resort but still want to get online.

    1. Thanks for all the great info! I do love taking my iPad for the plane ride, especially to catch up on some movies! I'm just nervous that if I leave my iPad in my room someone can take it but I guess I could leave it in my suitcase and lock it, I've done that before. I agree I think I might take my phone with me just in case. Even though we don't have WiFi in our room other places in the resort do.

  3. This place looks amazing! Last year when we were in Mexico I brought my Kindle and it worked great for when lounging by the pool.

    1. Thanks I thought so too! Thanks for the advice, I'm thinking I am going to bring my Kindle because it's just so easy.

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