Monday, August 20, 2012

Manni Monday

Wow it's Monday already?? This weekend flew by even though I worked all weekend it still flew by (thank goodness because I am off on Wednesday). Anyways let's get to what we really came here for which is all things nail polish. I am once again linking up with Glitter & Gloss for

So the last two weeks I've been going old school and getting a classic manicure so my nails could get a breather from the no chip. However let me tell ya I don't know how we all dealt with classic manicures because seriously it chipped 2 hours after I got it done!! So annoyed. However here is a pic of my nails before they chipped. 

It's the new color from Essie called Miss Fancy Pants and let me tell ya it's a LOVE LOVE LOVE! A staple in my Fall nail collection. 
However I have another nail appointment on Wednesday and while it was suppose to be a for another classic manicure I just can't deal anymore so I'm going back to no chip. 


  1. loooove this color!! Super chic! And I feel ya! I love me some no-chip-mani!

    1. Thanks! I think it's pretty amazing too

  2. Gorgeous color!

  3. This color definitely comes from a place of yes! Love this and your blog. So glad I found it through the GFC Blog Hop! You're so close to 100 followers too, yay :)

  4. Love Essie!!!! looks awesome :)