Thursday, February 2, 2012

Change of Heart

So I couldn't bear not blogging about this because weather or not you like or agree with Kim Kardashian's decision to get a divorce after 72 days I think in the season finale she brought up some very real points. So anyone who has been following my blog or knows me personally knows that I adore all things Kardashians especially Kim. When she got engaged and was planning her wedding I think that myself and millions of others wanted her to finally have the one thing that money couldn't buy which was true love. While I thought she was making a mistake on who she was marrying who the hell am I? I don't know him or her for that matter. So when the news broke that she was getting divorced and that it was all captured on the new season of Kim & Kourtney take New York even more was I going to be glued to this season.

Weather you like Kim or the Kardashian Klan I think that Kim's confession is raw and brings up very valid points to anyone who has or is in love. Let's be honest the divorce rate in America is 51% so clearly she isn't the first or the last to get divorced and sometimes our hearts and feelings do change. I mean how many of us can say that we went on a date with someone who maybe our parents set us up with or a friend because they thought they would be perfect for you but when you met that person something just didn't "click"? On paper that person looks like the "perfect" person or mate but you're heart is telling you something different.

I guess I can somewhat relate to this situation because when I was 19 I was dating someone older and the relationship carried on for two years and yes on paper he was everything that a girl would want in a mate and I was madly in love with him and thought he would be someone I would spend the rest of my life with. However once we started getting more and more serious I realized that my heart just wasn't in it anymore. My feelings for him had changed and at that point I was 21 and really at 21 did I really know what I wanted?? Because at 19 I thought I wanted him but now that was changing. However I did know that when I got married and hopefully it would be only once I wanted it to be for love but the kind of love that you still get butterflies when they walk in the room or you blush when he kisses you and those feelings just weren't happening anymore with him. Granted this change of heart took the course of two years and thankfully we weren't married yet but none the less the decision was still hard and broke my heart as it did his. Since the break up I ended up finding the love of my life and he gives me butterflies when he walks in the room or makes my heart skip a beat when he kisses me. I can honestly say that I married for love and no other reason and I couldn't be happier. 

So looping back to Kim- everyone deserves love and marriage is such a learning process of not only your husband but also about yourself, I hope that she learned something about herself and what she truly values in her life. Money & fame can buy a lot of things but the one thing it can't buy is true love. I hope she finds it. 

In case you missed her breakdown and tears I included the clip here: 

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  1. If Kim thinks that love and marriage is a fairytale then she needs a reality check. It's hard work, constant work and a work that's always in progress. 72 days... she changed her mind after 72 days... she didn't even try. Actually... it isn't even that she changed her mind (after 72 days) it's that she didn't try to make it work. She didn't consider therapy... or even living in the same city without the hectic schedules. She said that she and Kris shared something special... something no one else would understand... I think she meant that they shared a couple million to doop everyone. She then claimed that she still loved him... so why divorce? Why not try to make it work.

    The divorce rate in this country is at 51% because people give up too easily... it's so convenient to ends things without even really trying. What Kim Kardashian showed on her show was that she puts as much value in marriage as she does a pair of Louboutin's... she gets rid of it once she gets sick of it or once she changes her mind.

    It's a shame that so many people admire and idolize her. Yes, she's stunningly beautiful and she has a ton of money (even more after the sham of a marriage she televised), but she's so selfish.

    It's ok to change your mind. It's ok to fall out of love... but if love is real... then try a little harder at making it work. And to be honest you should be insulted that she thinks you're that easily fooled to believe that this whole "marriage" was real.