Friday, February 17, 2012

Favorite Things Dilemma!

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about this amazing party that I got invited to which is called, "Favorite Things Party". To quickly brief you on the party the concept is that you bring 5 of the same items that are your favorite but has to be under the price point of $6. Seems pretty easy right?? Um... kind of but I was able to sift through my favorite things within that price point and finally came up with a favorite thing. Thank goodness! So what was my favorite thing I chose you ask? Well since I have a obsession with my iPhone (I mean honestly who doesn't?!) and I love anything with some bling why not get some fabulous phone covers?? I was able to snag some adorable glitter cell phone cases on Amazon so why not share the wealth?? Plus Chris told me that most people had iPhone's that was going to the party so it was perfect. These are the cell phone cases that I ordered for myself a couple of months ago. . . 

I know adorable right?! So I got right back on to Amazon to order my favorite things. I did hit a little snag because the seller that I purchased my cell phone cases from only sold the cases in sets of 4 and I needed 5 and I certainly didn't need extra bling bling cell phone cases. So I decided to go ahead and order them separately. So I selected my colors double checked my order and finally hit submit my order. I was all excited and was able to check off just another thing on my Bucket List for this month, I was feeling really good. So a couple days later I get an e-mail 

Do we not see the problem here?!? My party is February 18th and so the whole Delivery Estimate of March (now mind you it's not even a few days in March it pretty much spans the entire month of March) isn't going to work. I quickly logged onto my Amazon account to see where the hell these cell phone cases were coming from... the moon??? Well it mind as well said the moon because they were coming from HONG KONG! I mean really?? I did not notice this detail when I placed the order. So now I have 5 glitter iPhone cases coming to me (mind you I have 4 already) so I have no clue what I will be doing with these extra phone cases. Maybe a giveaway?? Only if you have an iPhone. Now I'm back at square one with trying to figure out a favorite thing- keep in mind my party I'm attending is Saturday. Any suggestions??? 

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