Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Workout Wednesday

Working out is not just something you do it's truly and lifestyle, personally for me it is such a big part of my lifestyle- literally my days revolve around first my work schedule then secondly my work out schedule. Obsessed? Maybe. Motivated? Yes. I don't strive to be a certain weight or a certain size but rather be healthy and look good. That's it, simple. I have written about Crossfit before and how much I have been loving it but I can officially say now that I'm obsessed. If someone would have told me when I started Crossfit that I would be dead lifting 295 pounds or back squatting 225 pounds I would have laughed in your face and said, 'Your're Crazy!' literally. Fast forward to 7 months later I am pushing those numbers. Don't get me wrong I get scared every time I do a personal record but when you're in the moment and people are cheering you on you have such a rush and motivation you just plow through it. Not only am I pushing my body to the limits and I am finally seeing the results! But I am making friends that are people who are so inspiring and fun. I have to say if I'm going to dedicate so much of my time to working out I want it to pay off in some way and this has. 

I challenge you to look into a local crossfit often times the first session is free. Crossfit is movements that are practical and movements that you could use in your daily life. You will push your body in ways you never thought possible. Often times the trainers are x military because it is movements that they have used in the service. I included a video below for you to see what this whole Crossfit thing is all about. 

So do you have a favorite work out or style that you've become obsessed with? I would love to hear! 

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