Monday, February 13, 2012

Manni Monday

Normally I get my nails done every two weeks but my time I visited the nail salon I was less than satisfied with the how they did my nails (we all know that I am very particular about my nails, just like my coffee). So after about a week I just couldn't take it anymore and had to go get them redone. Plus I got two new Essie colors (next week's Manni Monday post) so I was dying to test out the colors! I thought I would try out a new nail salon for my nails (yes I am that crazy that I go to one nail salon for my pedicures and another for my nails). So I decided between my two new Essie colors for the one I was going to use for my nails and headed off to the new nail salon. Now I am that person that is crazy about how they are shaped I like them as square as can be and short so I thought this poor nail girl was up for in for a uphill battle. She however did not disappoint. She took each of my requests with kindness and willing to fulfill them to meet my expectations. So because we are in this crazy mid season where it's not officially Spring but not officially Winter- even though there is snow on the ground here in Chicago I am in denial that it will stick. So I have headed into the dark colors still because I can get away with it. The color I chose this week was by Essie (go figure) and it was called Armed & Ready. 

Here's what it looks like on 

Now I have to be honest I wasn't loving the color when the nail girl was putting it on my nails but after it dried and I was in love. I think this will defiantly become one of my favorites for sure. It's between a grey and a army green with a slight hint of gold metallic. Very pretty and very versatile. 

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