Monday, February 27, 2012

Manni Monday

Gosh is it already Monday?? Where is time going these days? I can't believe that we are already going into March this week. Scary. But that means I'm getting closer and closer to VEGAS! But enough about that let's get to what really matters the nails. Last week I wrote about some recent nail polishes that I purchased and this week I used one of the colors on my nails. This week I chose to use Smokin Hot 

Now this is a very interesting color because it has a hint of plumb, mauve, and grey all mixed into one. I know you're probably thinking well that is such an odd color combo but it turns out to such a pretty and versatile color. Here's what it looks like on my nails. . . 

It is a hard color to photograph so I tried to get some different colors in different lights. I actually am loving this color so much that I'm even rocking it on my toes too. That is a rarity for me because I normally never match my toes & nails. I would highly recommend this color for anyone who is looking for a great transition into Spring. 

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