Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shit Girlfriends Say

Let's be honest we always think that we're the best girlfriend and we never do anything annoying right? I mean when you see other couples and the girl is acting really annoying you always say to you're self or your boyfriend, "I'm so glad I'm not like that". However after watching this video YIKES there is a little bit of annoying girlfriend in everyone. 

Take a look at the video and see what habits you may have. 

So what I think is so funny is that there are still things I say and I'm married! What you ask, well first off when I'm out with the girls it's always, "I'm not drunk... I'm not drunk" when in all reality I'm 3 sheets to the wind. Or even now I ask my husband, "What would you do if I were pregnant?" 
If you read my blog you know how I'm always thankful that I am no longer in the dating world and this video yet again proves my point. It also raises another point- I'm so glad I'm not dating with Facebook being so popular. This may show my age a bit but I can remember when Facebook first started and you actually needed a college e-mail address to even have Facebook. Since those early days of Facebook it has now become a no bar hold time consuming media outlet and allows us to stalk other people's profiles. I mean if I were single now and with Facebook being as popular as it is I would be that crazy girlfriend trolling my boyfriends profile and seeing who writes on his wall. Thank god I missed that point! However I will share a similar story. . . before Facebook was so popular MySpace was on top. So of course I was on there and so was my boyfriend at the time. I would def creep on his page and see who was on his Top Friends and who was posting on his profile. I know creepy I will admit it now looking back on it however in the moment I knew it was wrong but couldn't help it. So when he broke up with me out of nowhere I of course went straight to his MySpace page. So when we were dating I was #3 on his Top Friends I now quickly slid to #8!!!!! I was devastated and when I mean devastated I mean ugly cry- snot running down my nose- didn't know what to do with myself. My cousin who was over at the time was looking at me like I had 5 heads because she couldn't believe how ridiculous I was acting. In the moment I felt like my actions were completely justifiable now 5 years later my cousin was right what was I doing?!?! 

Well thankfully I got married before I turned into the girl on the video but let's be honest there is a little of us in this video. Which thing described you?? 

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