Friday, February 24, 2012

Favorite Things Follow Up

As I have mentioned I went to Favorite Things party that Chris was hosting. We all know my dilemma that I was in but I managed pulled through and pull out another favorite thing. Now I'm not going to lie I did get it on my lunch break on the day of the party but hey if I hadn't waited I might not have scored an amazing deal and great goodie bags. So when I went to the store to get my runner up favorite thing (I went to Bath & Body Works) and in the mall I work at that particular store is high traffic and high volume (as are most stores in that mall) so their corporate was there testing some ideas they want to roll out. So if I took a 10 minute survey then I got a $10 gift card. SCORE! Sign me up! I did it- the product kinda sucked so I breezed through the survey. So I got one of my favorite lotions and some adorable gift bags. Check it out. . . 

My favorite thing :) LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell 
How adorable are these gift bags? They SCREAM my personality

So now that I had my favorite thing in the bag- literally. I was all set to go to the party. I had my outfit in place and was ready to socialize with some new people that I had never met before. As soon as I entered Chris's house I was immediately greeted with some delicious food. 

Everything that I had was mouth watering! I've never been a sushi person so I skipped that dish but the other gals said it was yummy. So while the food liked the favorite thing because there was so much of it the actual favorite things table was also busting out. 

All these goodies! So with our bellies full and wine in our wine glasses we were ready to get this party started. So the way it worked was our names were put into a bowl 5 times and there were 8 girls so clearly not everyone was going to get everything everyone brought. Here are few of the ladies explaining their favorite thing. . .

So what did I get you ask? Well I got some AMAZING things. Kiehl's lip balm, Essie Nail Polish and a nail file, a spice mixture & a yummy recipe, a house cleaner, and a Old Navy crossbody. All things that I would use. Then Chris got everyone a swag bag. 

We got in our swag bag great tons of samples from Kiehl's, a full size Clinque lipstick (in a very wearable color), nail polish, and 3 free downloads for apps for either your iPhone or iPad. 
Overall what a great party and I had an amazing time and socialized and met with some other great woman. 

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