Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vegas Part Tres!

I can't believe that I'm saying this but we're going back to Vegas! We have literally gone back every 6 months however I had no intention of going back this time. Hard to believe but our 1 year anniversary is coming up (March 15) and while I was envisioning us laying on a beach somewhere tropical catching the hot sun rays and sipping a great cocktail my husband had a different vision. I had finally talked to him into going to Mexico with me (he was nervous because of the safety but some friends of ours had gone in the last year and said for the most part the coast was clear) so I thought that would be our next vacation. Well I did drop the ball a bit because we have to renew my passports and yes that was on my To Do List for my staycation I just didn't get around to it and it just seemed so complicated. So needless to say I shot myself in the foot because on this 1st anniversary we weren't going to be digging our feet into no Mexican sand, maybe Florida or California sand but now exactly what I had envisioned. My husband was making some subtle hints that what a perfect time to go back to Vegas, he tried to be cute and say it would be perfect because it was where we got married and why not spend our 1st anniversary there. Nice try babe but well okay it kind of worked. I told him if I could find a deal to good to be true he would get his wish. Well guess what luck must have been on his side because I found an amazing deal! We are staying at the Luxor (where we stayed when we got married) and so for 4 nights & 5 days in a deluxe room it's costing a whopping $200!!! How can I say no to that?!?! Plus we fly for free because of our miles. I couldn't book the trip fast enough. Even if I laid by the pool and soaked up some Las Vegas rays I was away and let's face it who doesn't love Vegas? Here is a look back at our last two Vegas trips 

Our Wedding! 
In the Valley of Fire
In the limo on the way back from getting married. Officially MR & MRS!
The hubs hanging out with Will Smith- okay it was the wax museum but fooled ya huh? 
Who doesn't love Joan Rivers?! 
2nd Trip for my 25th Birthday. This was my Birthday dinner 
View out of our room 

I really hope that for the 3rd time I look more decent in these pictures! haha. I always make my husband take all these pictures of us but then hate how I look in half of them. On the agenda so far for this trip is on Monday night we are going to see Carrot Top again (yes this will be our 3rd time) but he is hilarious and I secretly think that my husband was missing seeing his show so getting me to Vegas was another reason. Then for our anniversary we are going to go to the same restaurant that we went to when we first got married. Oh and how could I forget- Kardashian Khoas!!! It opened up in the Mirage and I mean how could I not go?? I'm such a fan of them. So maybe this was a secret motive I had in going to Vegas. Shh don't tell. But in between all that we are going to relax and walk the strip. So my March is already filling up. 

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