Monday, February 20, 2012

Manni Monday

I feel like I've won the lottery!! As soon as the Kardashian's announced that they would be teaming up with Nicole to introduce their own line of nail polish I was in heaven! I mean we are teaming up two of my current obsessions into one. Could it get any better?!? Plus they would be releasing the collection right before Christmas which was even better since I have the hardest time coming up with a Christmas list. Well myself and thousands of other people had the nail polish on their list. While I was able to get 5 of the colors (2 in which I returned because they were very similar to other colors that I already owned) I still hadn't gotten the one pink color that Kim had in her line. We searched high and low for that one pink color and came up empty handed. Fast forward to about two weeks ago . . . My husband needed some new work pants and new work shoes and since he works in the construction world he seems to always have good luck at Sears in finding work clothes. And let's be honest it's not like Sears is on top of my shopping list for myself but I was dragged along so I had to make this as bearable as possible. While he was sorting through racks of work pants (boring) I found myself looking at the Kardashian clothing line. Side note: I did find some cute things in their line however I was very very disappointed in the fit. Anyways with that being unsuccessful I found myself wandering over by there beauty section. Who knew that Sears had such a variety of beauty products. And then there it was. . . DUN DUN DUN the ENTIRE collection of the Kardashian nail polish!! I couldn't believe it. There was the one pink color that I was looking for! Kim-plenty in Love. With this great find I decided to keep looking at what else they had to offer and then I found a great stash of Essie nail polish and colors that I hadn't seen at other places that I get my Essie nail polish from. 

Here is what my finds were: 

I can't wait to try out all these colors! I'll be keeping you posted. Have you found any good nail polish colors lately?? 

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