Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spring Clean Up & New Make Up

Who doesn't love to freshin up with some new make up?? While I could probably open up my own make up store I still feel the need to get some new colors every now and then. When I got my make up done for my 25th Birthday in Vegas at the MAC counter they used this quad eye shadow palette that I fell in love with and of course bought and has become one of my favorites (along with my Charolette Ronson palettes). So when MAC was debuting their Sping collection I was sure to get there the first day because they sell out of there stuff fast! Well first off let's talk about their packaging I mean can we say adorable?!? 

I wasn't sure if I was going to love anything but I had to at least check it out. I was instantly in love with this palette check it out. . . 

I mean every color is usable for both day and night and could be used with either a nude lip or a firece lip. Speaking of lip I then checked out their new lip colors for the spring line and WOW was I impressed. They have this new product called Kissable Lipcolor and it's not a lip stick but not a lip gloss its inbetween. It comes in a tube that looks like a lip gloss but has a thicker texture to it. I got the color called Woo Me but I must say all the colors were pretty fabulous and I wouldn't be surprised if I stop and  pick up a couple more! 

So I wore my new palette and WOW was it amazing and the mixture of looks I was able to create within these four colors and pairing up with my new Kissable Lip color it was a flawless look. This palette will become an instant one of my go to and favorite eye shadow colors. I'm sure I will find myself back at the MAC counter picking up a couple more Kissable Lip color. 

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  1. I love the color palette and is that lipstick/lipgloss whatever it is a nude? Bring it Saturday... I must try it!