Monday, February 6, 2012

Manni Monday

Gosh isn't it hard to believe it's already Monday? I am glad because I am off today! I like many I'm sure stayed up late watching the Super Bowl and having a nice get together with some friends. I must say on a side note that I was disappointed in the commercials this year, there was only a handful I really enjoyed. Anyways. . . as I do on Monday's it's all about nail polish! I got my nails done and I have to say I was having a really hard time this time around on selecting a polish color. My last polish change I did Chinchilly which was perfect but now it's like not quite Spring so pinks just didn't make sense yet but I didn't want to go completely dark like After Dark in Lincoln Park. I brought some options with me but ended up caving and running to the store before my nail appointment to see if I could find a new nail polish that would just call out my name saying 'Pick Me!'. I did end up finding a color that I really liked. Of course it was Essie because it's my go to nail polish and the color that I fell in love with was Sand Tropez 

I know I have this obsession with this natural color lately and this would just be the perfect color to add to my collection! Here is what the outcome was. . .

 What do you think?? I have to be honest at first I wasn't loving but after about a day it defiantly grew on me. I always suggest that when in between seasons this is your time to kind of mellow out and do something that isn't going to call attention to your nails. Trust me there are plenty of other times of the year to do so but in between seasons is a perfect time to play it low key. What's your go to color?? 

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