Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Love Story

With my one year anniversary approaching I take a look back at this past year and first think WOW it's been a year already? I feel like it's just yesterday that I was unpacking our bags from getting married and now in less than a month we are going to be packing our bags to go back to where we got married. I reflect back on our first year of marriage and think what a blissful year it has been. Don't get me wrong there has been some rough patches but that's normal and healthy but overall it's been exciting and leaving me wanting more and more. If my first year of marriage is any indicator of what lies ahead in our marriage I can't wait to see what will happen. I know that through this journey of this thing they call marriage I have a best friend and a partner that will not stand in front of me, behind me, but rather by my side through this all- through the thick & thin of life and our lives.
  I came across this video that another blogger had posted and it was the most beautiful love story and really made me think what would my love story be?

(Side note: I start by laughing at the beginning of the video to turning into the most ugly cry because it just touches me in such a way)

In the story when Danny says, "When a guy is happily married no matter what happens at work or in the rest of your day there is a shelter when you get home." I find so much truth to that. The world could be against you and when you come home and you have your partner there everything else just doesn't matter anymore. That's love.

Also when he says that, "Being married is like having a colored television you never want to go back to black and white." WOW how true that is. After experiencing love with someone you feel is your soul mate you could never imagine your life without that person or with another person. After having a taste of what true love is I could never imagine going back to my life being black and white.

No one ever wants to talk about death or entertain the idea of death but at the end of the day it's going to happen to all of us, some sooner than others. Because I've experienced death in so many different fashions if I could have one wish it would be when the time comes that one of us does die it isn't sudden- we will have time to have closure and to talk about the finality of it all.

There are a lot of things in life that you want: a house, cars, vacations, nice things, good jobs, travel, the list could go on & on but the most basic thing and simplest thing is love. Finding love is the hardest journey but also the most rewarding. Love, true love can conquer all through the hard times and good times.

So even though it's only been a year here is my love story: Our story began in a dingy bar that I would normally never set foot in let alone ever expect I would find my future husband there. At the time he couldn't buy me anything I wanted but he could give me something that you can't buy and that's love. The same love that runs long and deep between us and through us that I know will last until the day we die. No one makes me laugh as hard, makes me get butterflies when he walks into the room, or gives me the one thing that no one can buy. Those are things that I will cherish my whole life and know as we go through this marriage I know there will be more things I will cherish and I can't wait to see what those are. 

So I ask what is your love story?? 

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